Ozeki Matrix LCD Display Control Code

Ozeki Display Module is a modified Arduino Nano, that was built to accept an HD44780 LCD display and an MPR121 capacitive touch keypad connection. It was designed to make it easy to use the LCD display and keypad on the same board. Upload the code below, so your Ozeki Display Module can connect to Ozeki 10. There is another wiring tutorial where you can find the code for the keypad. Combine the codes in the same .ino file to use both the LCD and the keypad.

four pin lcd connection
Figure 1 - 4 pin LCD connection from D9 to D12

Required hardware

Source code to install on controller

Before you upload this code to your Arduino, please format the EEPROM...
#include <OzIDManager.h>
#include <OzLcdDisplayController.h>

// global pointers
OzIDManager* manager;
OzLcdController* lcdController;

const int backlight_pin = 3;
const int RS = 6;
const int RW = 7;
const int EN = 8;
const int D4 = 9;
const int D5 = 10;
const int D6 = 11;
const int D7 = 12;

void setup()

  manager = new OzIDManager;
  manager->_sendACK = true;
  manager->_checksum = true;
  lcdController = new OzLcdController(RS, RW, EN, D4, D5, D6, D7);
  lcdController->SetBacklight(backlight_pin, 100); //100% backlight

  int x=1;
  manager->PrintWelcomeLine(lcdController, x++, "MyLCD");
  lcdController->LoginDisplaySize(16, 2);

void loop()

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