Ozeki Matrix Keyboard Control Code

MPR121 capacitive touch keypad controller is capable to sense 12 buttons. When you touch a button, the character is sent to this OZEKI software. The 12 characters are numbers (0-9) plus * and #. You can connect the MPR121 to your Ozeki Display Module. (LCD Display Code)

ozeki display module with diplay and touchpad
Figure 1 - Ozeki Display Module with display and touchpad

Required hardware

Source code to install on controller

Before you upload this code to your Arduino, please format the EEPROM...
#include <OzIDManager.h>
#include <OzKeyboardController.h>

OzIDManager* manager;
OzKeyboardController* keyboardController;

void setup() 

  manager = new OzIDManager;
  manager->_sendACK = true;
  manager->_checksum = true;


  keyboardController = new OzKeyboardController();

  //continues if keyboard has been detected
  int x = 1;
  manager->PrintWelcomeLine(keyboardController, x++, "MyKeyboard");

void loop() {

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