SipX ECS, how to create a SIP account

This guide shows you how to create a user with an extension on SipX ECS. The extension can be used with Ozeki. Before you start to configure this solution it is assumed that you have already installed your SipX ECS.

Configure SipX ECS

In this example I have installed SipX ECS on a computer which IP address is You can reach and configure SipX ECS through its web interface. In order to configure SipX ECS navigate to the IP address of your installation using your web browser and login as superadmin (Figure 1).

sipx ecs in your browser
Figure 1 - SipX ECS in your browser

As you can see, by default there is one user pre-defined in SipX ECS, the superadmin. To add a new user, click on 'Add New User' (Figure 2).

add new user
Figure 2 - Add new user

Enter a User ID, provide a PIN and a SIP Password in the respective fields, and click on 'OK' (Figure 3).

provide settings
Figure 3 - Provide settings

Open the 'Add new phone' dropdown list at the main screen, and select a phone, e.g. Bria 3.x (Figure 4)

add a new phone
Figure 4 - Add new phone

Enter the username to the serial number field, and click on 'OK' (Figure 5).

enter a username
Figure 1 - Enter username

Now the configuration is complete so you can start your phone lines and connect them with Ozeki.

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