Elastix, how to create a SIP account

This guide shows you how to create 2 extension. One of the extension can be used with Ozeki. Before you begin the configuration of Elastix, it is assumed that you have already installed Elastix PBX on your Linux server.

Configure Elastix

First open your browser and navigate to the IP address of the computer where Elastix PBX is installed. I installed Elastix on a computer of which IP address is Open your browser and navigate to its IP address. In this guide it will be
Enter the Administrator username and password, and click on 'Submit' (Figure 1).

login as admin
Figure 1 - Login as Administrator

Once you logged in, click on 'PBX' tab at the top of the page (Figure 2).

click on pbx tab
Figure 2 - Click on PBX tab

This will take you to the Extension page. On this page you can add extensions to your Elastix PBX. Select Generic SIP Device from the Device drop-down menu (Figure 3) and click on 'Submit'.

select generic sip device
Figure 3 - Select Generic SIP device

Provide the details of the extension to the User Extension field and its password to the Secret field (Figure 4). Once it is done, click on 'Submit'.

provide extension details
Figure 4 - Provide extension details

I created two extensions. Extension 100 and 101. Extension 101 will be used by a desktop phone, and extension 100 will be used by Ozeki. To apply your configuration, click on 'Apply Configuration Changes Here' at the top of the page (Figure 5).

apply changes
Figure 5 - Apply Changes

Now the configuration is complete so you can start your phone lines and connect them with Ozeki.

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