AsteriskNow, how to create a SIP account

We will show you how to login to AsteriskNow and create a dialplan. This guide shows you how to create 1 dial plan and 1 user with an extension on the AsteriskNow PBX. The created extension can be used by Ozekito register to the PBX. It is assumed that you have already installed AsteriskNow onto your Linux server.

Configure AsteriskNow

As a first step, you need to configure a user to make phone calls via AsteriskNow.

I have already installed AsteriskNow PBX onto my Linux server and its IP address is: Open a browser and navigate to its web interface. The example URL will be the following:

Once you are at the login page, login as administrator (Figure 1).

login as admin
Figure 1 - Login as administrator

After login, click on 'Dial Plans' menu item (Figure 2).

click on dials
Figure 2 - Click on Dial Plans

At the Dial Plans page, click on 'New DialPlan' button to create a new dial plan (Figure 3).

create a new dial plan
Figure 3 - Create a new Dial Plan

Enter a name for the dial plan (e.g. DialPlan1), and click on 'Save' (Figure 4)

save new dialplan
Figure 4 - Save new dialplan

After the dialplan is created click on 'Users' (Figure 5).

click on users
Figure 5 - Click on Users

Create a user by clicking on the 'Create New User' button (Figure 6).

create new user
Figure 6 - Create new user

Provide an Extension number and a Password into the respective fields (e.g. 6001) and click on 'Update' (Figure 7).

new user details
Figure 7 - New user details

In order to apply the created changes, click on 'Apply Changes' at the top of the screen (Figure 8).

apply changes
Figure 8 - Apply changes

Now the configuration is complete so you can start your phone lines and connect them with Ozeki.

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