PBXnSIP, how to create a SIP account

This guide shows you how to register 2 users on PBXnSIP and add 1-1 extension to each user. One of the extensions can be connected to Ozeki. Before you start to configure this solution it is assumed that you have already installed PBXnSIP on your server.

Configure PBXnSIP

In this example I have installed PBXnSIP to a computer which IP address is Start a browser and navigate to the built-in web interface of it, and login as administrator (Figure 1).

login as admin
Figure 1 - Login as administrator

Once you logged in, click on 'Accounts' (Figure 2)

click on accounts
Figure 2 - Click on Accounts

Here you can see the created Extensions. I have already registered an extension and its name is 100. I will register a VoIP phone to this account. Click on 'Create' to create a new extension (Figure 3).

click on create
Figure 3 - Click on Create

Here you can create new accounts. Provide a Number and a SIP Password, and click on 'Create' (Figure 4).

create new extension
Figure 4 - Create new extension

On Figure 5 you can see the created extension.

created extension
Figure 5 - Created extension

Now the configuration is complete so you can start your phone lines and connect them with Ozeki.

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